Learn More – The Secret of Your Parenting Vows

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By Natasha Solovieff & Joy Cloutier

Get to know your Parenting Vows!
Understand Your Parenting Vows
Learn the Importance of Your Vows; and they are SO important
Identify Your Vows – what they are can be a bit sneaky
Take a Look at their Upside & Downside
Learn now to move through the downside; make parenting more fulfilling

Do you need this? If you say ‘Yes” to ANY statements below, this class will benefit you and your family:

  • I am reacting strongly but nothing is changing
  • I worry a lot, just can’t seem to let go of it; it’s day in and day out
  • I’m always in conflict with my child these days
  • I’m always in conflict with my parenting partner(s) these days
  • I find myself being critical, judgmental of my child (even though it’s just in my head, it’s there)
  • I find myself being critical, judgmental of my parenting partner(s)
  • I’m not saying something important that I think needs to be said because…
  • I’m feeling lethargic, stuck
  • I just want things to change but they aren’t
  • I’m ‘fixing’ things for my children, and I keep thinking I better or … bad things will happen to them
  • I keep smoothing out things between my parenting partner(s) and my children

Navigate your way back into your parenting love zone. Keep yourself there. Join others who are saying:

I wasn’t even aware of my parenting vows.  It explains so many things! -EL
I never thought of this but it makes so much make so much sense. I have to re-look at some things I’m doing – DL
I felt sad I didn’t know about this sooner. Maybe I can do some things differently as a grandparent, though.- BA  


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