The Dance of Parenting empowers mindful parenting by providing a framework, L.O.V.V.E., for calibrating one’s parenting experience. It encourages being intentional about how one expresses life through parenting. The book is grounded in awareness of cultural norms surrounding a family. Considering them, it helps parents think through their child development priorities and mindset. It identifies some of the common parenting pitfalls, given cultural norms. Additionally, it reinforces the benefits of having and nurturing calm, yet realistic, parenting skills in chronic or rapid-fire parenting times. Parents find an engaging framework at their beck and call to empower them in their particular parenting situation. 

Modern parents are navigating the uncertain territory of a rapidly changing world, which can make raising children a scary responsibility. This book helps a parent discover why, given the powerful love, their responses to parenting sometimes aren’t working. It then provides a systematic framework for reworking responses and expanding strengths in themselves and their child – leading to much less stress and fatigue, enriched customized solutions, and solid relationships as their children grow into their possibilities. Parents become empowered to nurture their whole life as well as their child’s by using the L.O.V.V.E. practices laid forth in this book. This is not your typical parenting to-do list!

“The author, a clinical and public health nurse and experienced parent expertly lays out the essence of her guide up front, telling readers what they should expect when perusing it. While Solovieff has an encouraging, reassuring voice, she does not suggest that there are easy fixes. The book is supportive of this ongoing need because it features a multitude of worthy exercises. Valuable tables at the start help readers remember the capacities and gauge their skills before and after putting them into practice.”

 KIRKUS Review

“Natasha Solovieff details how to overcome parenting challenges in The Dance of Parenting: Finding Your Inner Choreographer. This clear self-help guide offers caregivers a broad, loving way to reframe their thinking while respectfully acknowledging that there is no one-size-fits-all advice. With a philosophy firmly rooted in the peaceful parenting movement, an encouraging voice reminds busy adults to practice self-care. Useful, reflective exercises serve as road maps for better relationships.”

 Clarion Review  Rating: 4 out of 5

From the Author

Dear Caring Parent,

I have come to know this about parenting:

My inner thoughts, feelings, and imaginings are what shape my parenting more than anything else. These effect what I learn about. They effect how I interact with my child in joy, in conflict, in chaos. Not to mention they effect how I interact with my parenting team, family, friends, and self. 

I also know that when I am moving through the experience of parenting, I do best when I have a default system, a self-coaching process if you will, for how to get back in step when I fall out of step with my child. It’s what mindful parenting is all about. I wrote it out so that you can have what I’ve acquired – more energy and confidence when problem-solving, feeling overwhelmed, dealing with something new, wondering ‘am I a good parent?’, worrying, or feeling unappreciated or misunderstood. 

Parents’ stories are all different, but we have so much in common!  By the end of this book, you’ll have a simple, systematic, loving guide to help you through your range of experience in parenting.


Natasha Solovieff, BSN, M.Ed., PHN
Founder, OMG Parenting