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Introverted Parent?

Dear Caring Parent, Does being an introvert or extrovert affect parenting? Well, it for sure affects your needs as a parent. I am an introverted parent. We had masses of kid friends and activities, not to mention ‘situations’ with which to deal when my daughter was young. In other words, social bombardment. Not great for […]

The Constant Letting-Go in Parenting

Dear Caring Parent, Parenting is this constant dance between attaching and letting-go. We don’t suddenly ‘let go’ of them when they are done with high school, get married or start their first career job. There are, in fact, whole phases of letting go that we experience throughout our parenting years. It starts with becoming pregnant […]

Attuning to Toddlers – The Hoppin’, Poppin’ Years

Dear Caring Parent, Your beautiful children are now between one – four years old. Toddlers! And attuning to toddlers, tuning-in, is different than attuning to your baby during the first year. Truthfully, you’ve found yourself wondering, who IS this?  In the first year, you felt that not only were you attuned to them, but they […]

The Joy of Raising Boys

The Good, the Bad, and the Hilarious Author – Diane Auten I can’t stop smiling! This is such a delightful read. Through real-time anecdotes, this book follows Diane’s momlife from when her sons were two – to ten years old. I smiled, chuckled, felt amazed and roared laughing a few times. The books’ topics include […]

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How do Babies Understand Their World?

Dear Caring Parent,  Ever wonder, of all the things that are so important in the first year of life, what’s tying it all together? Attuning is – how you and your baby are tuning-in to each other. I LOVE watching a mom or dad tune in to their baby; smiling, cooing, smelling their baby scent […]

Confidence Building in Your Child – What Comes First?

Dear Caring Parent,                                                                                                          […]

4 SMART Communication Strategies When You Have Teens, Even Late Tweens

Dear Caring Parent, These 4 smart communication strategies will come in handy because, as we all know, communicating with your late tween and any-age teen will test your parental communication skills. This has forever rung true to parents. We now know it’s because their dramatic physical and psycho-social development causes moods and perspectives to frequently […]

30 Activities for Tired Parents and Bored Kids

Dear Caring Parent, August is the month for tired parents and bored kids! Parents are tired of taking care of everything and the kids are feeling that the less-scheduled summer has been great so far, but suddenly it’s boring. School now seems inviting!  It becomes hard to think of what to do. Everyone starts getting […]

The Dance of Parenting

The Dance of Parenting: Finding Your Inner Choreographer, is a parenting guide that helps you focus on your specific parenting challenges and offers easy to implement processes that foster a healthy relationship with your kids. Natasha, a parent and public health nurse, uses four foundational capabilities with which every parent can work. Exercises in the second part of the […]

How to Deal with Your Child's Irksome Behavior

Dear Caring Parent, Annoying children! They challenge our parenting skill. Here’s how one mom worked through dealing with her annoying child. Her son just wouldn’t pick up ANYTHING and it definitely was driving her parenting skills into the ground. The Annoying Child: Mom (about her son): He’s such a slob! I don’t care about his […]

EEE-Gads, Moody and Mouthy; Toddler and Teen

Dear Caring Parent,      In the first poll I ran on this site, I asked you which was the most difficult age for you to parent.  And most of you clicked on either the toddler years or the teen years. Kinda the same as  I hear anecdotally. These are the years that bring out the […]

Listening Changes the Homework Argument

Dear Caring Parent, I’ve noticed that sometimes I am a stormy creature when it comes to homework problems. When I would notice it wasn’t being attended to, I would react by storming through homework time. Are you a storming, angry parent over homework problems right now? I’m not, whew! But when I am storming, I usually […]

I’m Struggling with My Child

Dear Caring Parent, Our love for our children can in fact hit trouble. Sometimes we fall out of what I call our parenting love zone- that easy, flowing, heartfelt connection to our little beings. This falling out could be caused by our pre-occupation with something stressful outside of parenting, our frustration because our child isn’t […]

Yummy , and psss – Healthy!

Dear Caring Parent, Desserts are especially fun for our children. Well, let’s face it, for us too!  No matter what you are cooking up, desserts are always a good addition. But how do you keep it yummy yet not sugar crazy? I know for sure that we need to reduce the amount of refined sugar […]

Are My Child’s Tantrums Normal?

Dear Caring Parent, Of course, it’s at the grocery store, the restaurant, or right when you want to get to work or the gym up comes the toddler monster! We parents wonder, why oh why do my child’s tantrums be so crazy?! We know that a child’s tantrums are coming into our child’s life somewhere […]

Social Media Safety – Change the Conversation

Dear Caring Parents, Wowza, are you keeping up with all the social media that your kids have access to? It has mushroomed beyond comprehension in the past decade. It has some cool aspects to it for sure. Yet most parents I meet are shaking their heads about how to keep their children safe and grow […]

I Believe Motherhood Saves Us

A Guest Blogger for OMG Parenting has this to say about motherhood…. Mixed emotions accompany the topic of motherhood. Motherhood is a beautiful, challenging responsibility, unique to women, and unique to each woman’s experience. Mothers are any and every type of woman: young, uneducated, poor, successful, well-off, supported, single, seasoned, professional, natural, adopted, powerful, utterly […]

Things I Learned from a Tween

Dear Caring Parent, There’s not as much parenting advise about tweens as there is about babies, toddlers and teens.  That’s because the tween years are so easy compared to the other years!! Tweens are 8 – 12 years in my book, although others might say 9 – 14 or 10 -14 years.  While they are […]

MaMa Guilt – Is It Just a Part of the Job?

Dear Caring MaMa, Do you ever find that you are repeatedly upset about the same thing with your kids and what follows is mama guilt then more frustration? They don’t put the dishes away, they eat poorly, your toddler is so clingy, they’re always late, they don’t pay attention…? Ah, mama issues! There have certainly […]

Call it Gaming LIFE, Not Gaming Limits

Dear Caring Parent,  Video gaming is something many a parent is pondering these days, looking for parenting information about; the worry being of course that there is too much of a good thing going on in your child’s life.  It’s hard if you think your child is out of balance and gaming too much. How […]

Rocking Chair Wisdom

Dear Caring Parent, One of the gifts my daughters given me is my rocking chair. Yes, today I still have the rocking chair I got for rocking her during her early years. I love that chair. It used to be a great haven for her and me.  And then, when she needed it no more, […]

That thing I have sometimes…

Dear Caring Parent, Patience! Parenting requires so much of it, doesn’t it!  I have heard countless pregnant Moms say their biggest worry about parenting is that they have no patience in general. And yet a year later when I ask them what they’ve learned about themselves that surprises them, they say “I had no idea […]

OOOO, That Word "No"

Dear Caring Parent, That word, NO! It’s one of the first words kids say! The one year old shakes their head ‘no’ to everything, says ‘no’ to answer all your questions, pushes the envelope a bit when you say ‘no’ – you know, that look at you over the shoulder as they go to pull […]

Unexpected Moments of Mom Joy!

Dear Caring Parent, During my pregnancy, and heck, before my pregnancy, I could easily imagine the joys of parenting. From baby’s first smile to graduations, all those milestones! Not everyone who is pregnant is filled with these gushes of lovey-doves, but I was. And reality did not disappoint. I did delight in all of those […]

The Sex Dialogue – Take 10

Dear Caring Parent, “So, how do you know what’s going on in your kids inner world about sex”, asks the parent of tweens and teens.  Great question! As you all know, kids are hearing about it and reacting to it at younger and younger ages. Some think about it more than others, so how do […]

Games and Brains

Dear Caring Parent, I usually write my blogs.  But then I came across this incredible infographic on what is going on in a brain whilst participating in video games, and I knew I didn’t need to overdose you by adding any of my own writing.  This has become more and more important to understand as […]

To Worry or Not to Worry

Dear Caring Parent, Because of my work with parents and kids, wherever I go people tell me their stories about parenting. And I hear about volumes of worrying! So of course, it gets me thinking about the things I worried about as a parent and to wonder, did I need to? It seems like worrying […]

The Busy Bs and Essential Nine

Dear Caring Parent, My Mom was ahead of her time when she had us taking supplements since, well, since I can remember.  As I’ve moved through the years, I’ve learned more and more about these little buggers called vitamins. And minerals. As a health care professional and a Mom, I began to respect them.  By […]

You are a Great Parent!

Dear Caring Parent, I have been thinking lately about the parenting stresses I have felt and that I hear about from others.  From logistics, managing emotions, determining if our child fits in to the developmental norms, budgeting sanely, to managing one’s own life, it’s a no wonder parents are stressed!  And because of it all, […]

Five Parenting Truths for the OMG, TEEN years!

Dear Caring Parent, Ok, so we all know that toddlers and teens are the two childhood phases with big parenting challenges and why, right?  Knowing why may increase our understanding, hence our patience and humor around it all.  But when it comes to our teens, how do we actually get them to listen, to talk, […]

Mean, Lenient or Balanced Parenting with those techy toddler toys?

Dear Caring Parent, When you see a parent at the airport with two kids maybe 18 mo and 3 yrs, each child using an ipad, do you judge him/her a mean, lenient or a balanced parent? (I know, judging isn’t cool, but face it, who of us doesn’t fall in to that at times.) When you hear the kindergarten teacher […]

What’s the BEST Parenting Hormone?

It makes you feel good. It makes you feel like connecting to others.   It brings on the nurturing. Men and women have it. It is produced in similar quantities within the hypothalamo-pituitary magnocellular system in both men and women. Sometimes its receptor genes are off so it doesn’t help bonding so much. It is so ancient that […]

Porn in MY kids Life?!

Dear Caring Parent, A follower of these blogs got in touch and asked me to write something on young teens and porn.  She told me a pretty humorous story about her young teen viewing some porn on TV.  And it reminded me of my awakening to how easy it is to access porn. Back in the […]

Five Steps to Power-Up your Parenting Affirmations

Dear Caring Parent, Do you ever just want to energize your parenting? You might just need to energize what you are saying to yourself about parenting! This means paying attention to our words, are they positive or negative? It’s a fact, positive parenting affirmations energize our parenting. We all have pretty much learned that we […]

The Monster Food!

Dear Caring Parent, The monster food – sugar.  It makes us happy.  It makes us sad.  And it certainly makes us confused! There are so many kinds of sugar, I stopped counting!  Table, brown, cane, molasses, honey, syrup, fructose, maltose, dextrose,  corn syrup….Parents rightfully wonder, what is the deal with sugar! So I am going […]

Video Games and the Brain – good or bad?

Dear Caring Parent, So you wonder about all this video gaming and what it really does to your child.  What a great thing to be thinking about since it’s such a potent force in a families life. To give you some good, and entertaining, insight into the effects of video gaming, I’ve posted a link […]


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What’s a puppy photo got to do with parenting!?

Dear Caring Parent, This morning I was particularly frazzled. Such a parenting issue! So much to do, so many deadlines, so many household things to attend to, so many things on my mind….you know the drill. I was fast to be irritable with my daughter before I left home and was getting more unfocused by […]

The Parenting Path

Dear Caring Parent, Parenting is like hiking on trails (for those who don’t hike, imagine walking new routes through a major city). Some days are so full of beauty, our hearts burst with joy. Some days are so full of the worrisome, our mind fills with fear. Some days we enjoy it so much, we are […]

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