We Can All Use Some Love Right Now

Tiffany, fellow mom citizen, and I talk about how the developmental focus of an age group effects how we respond to them about life situations. Specifically, we take on COVID19. We also talk about how to tend to our heightened needs. After you listen, check out her website – she links to funny covid19 products (at least I found myself smiling). (37 minutes)


Using the L.O.V.V.E. Way During This Pandemic

Michelle Smith and I talk up how to work through conflicts, big and small, that naturally arise when we are in uncertain times like now. We laugh and get serious about applying the L.O.V.V.E. Way, a relationship framework for when our selves as well as the other (partner, children) matter.   43 minutes


Parenting Then and Now with Samantha Kemp-Jackson

Samantha and I talk up the incredible cultural changes from pregnancy to parenting since the hippie years and where we’re at now.            45 minutes


Birth Ease Podcast with Michelle Smith

Michelle and Natasha have a lively talk about taking care of your relationship with yourself as well as your children, during pregnancy and beyond.   48:22 minutes


Interview with Lauren Lamour

This is what happens when Lauren, Life Visionary is your coach and you play around with online interviewing – you wind up with a relatable conversation. Lauren and Natasha cover a lot about modern day parenting!    32 minutes


Hay House Radio, Balboa Press Hour

Hear more about the book, The Dance of Parenting, from author Natasha Solovieff, Talking with Jen Morris, she tips listeners off on the four core capacities existing within parents. She describes how the book invites a parent to develop this core so they can experience less stress and more ‘flow’ with their children.    9 min



Written – with Scribblers Ink