Dear Caring Parent,

August is the month for tired parents and bored kids! Parents are tired of taking care of everything and the kids are feeling that the less-scheduled summer has been great so far, but suddenly it’s boring. School now seems inviting!  It becomes hard to think of what to do. Everyone starts getting on everyone else’s nerves.

To help you keep it more fun, here’s a list of 30 simple, inexpensive activities. Share it with your children, circle what you’d like to do, or use it as a springboard for your own brainstorming. If your children get into moaning, groaning and impossible ideas, come back and read about how you say no by saying yes.


  1. Start a SIX WORD family story text or email challenge (i.e. describe August in six words).
  2. Have a romping time running through the sprinkler.
  3. Pick a tree, sit under it, and read/draw.
  4. Have a Fitbit? Family challenge – who can do the most days taking 3,000 steps?
  5. Find a PARK A WEEK you’ve not been to. Go!
  6. Explore coffee shops you’ve not been to. Pick one weekly and go.
  7. Have each of your children decide on a breakfast and cook it.
  8. COOL OFF with apple dunking. Fill a big basin with water, fill with several apples. With hands behind back, catch an apple with your mouth.
  9. Get those sleepovers going. Exchange them – have a circle of sleepover friends.
  10. Go to a play.
  11. Take in some outdoor music with a picnic (and bug spray – I recommend Wondercide).
  12. Rent a kayak/canoe/paddleboat or paddleboard together.
  13. Go river rafting.
  14. Come up with a word that represents what you want out of the next school year. Find some images and collage away.
  15. Color a mandala that represents that word to you. Have your children do this too. FREE MANDALA PAGE
  16. If you are taking a vacation/staycation, BEFORE YOU GO, talk about what each of you wants out of it!
  17. Have your child foster a pet. Get in touch with your local animal shelter to set up.
  18. See if your local animal shelter will let your child read to dogs.
  19. Order dinners for a few nights from a food prep service (I like Local Cart)
  20. Go where you can light a fire and do smores.
  21. Go to an outdoor movie
  22. Pick a night and do a family read of a one-act play – find a few titles and let your oldest pick.
  23. Collect rocks in the shape of hearts.
  24. Plant a planter with your children – full of fall flowers.
  25. Pick an evening of the week and make it ice cream time each week. Here’s some recipees And we use this simple ice cream maker with great success.
  26. Go kick a soccer ball around a park.
  27. Check out library storytime.
  28. Pick a different place to go and read a book.
  29. Write a gratitude list about the summer. Hang it somewhere.
  30. SCHOOL SHOPPING!  It helps to agree on a budget and wants beforehand as much as possible.

When They Continue Being Bored

Sometimes no matter what you do, your child just won’t be budged out of boredom into enthusiasm, especially tweens and teens. Rather than responding with the full fury of your very natural frustration, try this mom’s way of dealing.

Enjoy your August! Hope some of these ideas and links help you go beyond being a tired parent with bored kids! (As an Amazon Associate I only include links to products I know and that fit with the focus at OMGparenting.)

Take care now, Natasha