The Dance of Parenting: Finding Your Inner Choreographer, is a parenting guide that helps you focus on your specific parenting challenges and offers easy to implement processes that foster a healthy relationship with your kids.
Natasha, a parent and public health nurse, uses four foundational capabilities with which every parent can work.
Exercises in the second part of the guide empower parents within their relationships with their children, making parenting easier and more rewarding.
This guide will help parents:
  • Feel empowered to parent their kids successfully.the dance of parenting cover
  • Offer tools and exercises for customizing solutions to little or big challenges.
  • Reflect on their parenting through self-assessment.
  • Have grounded rationale for dynamic parenting practices.
  • Work through a specific parenting challenge or conflict, coming out with more engagement with their child instead of alienation.
  • Understand how to overcome the common causes of becoming drained by the dance of parenting.
  • Even out the experience of the ever changing tween and teen years.
  • Feel inspired, even though challenged or tired.
  • Get really good at quickly ‘reading’ their child’s needs, without all the stressing.

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What readers are saying:

If you feel called and you’re looking for parenting guidance and support, check out Natasha’s book, I can’t recommend it enough. Natasha is a highly experienced mother, parenting educator and nurse. More importantly, she is one of the most loving, kind and whole-hearted women I know. She comes to her work from the premise that we all want what’s best for our children. With gentle guidance, backed by the latest parenting research and her many years in the field, she gently guides parents to determine what is best for everyone in the family with a loving, compassionate approach toward the parents and the children, alike.” LL, Mom 

Natasha speaks of an innate wisdom that parents inherently possess and how to reconnect with it when you find yourself thrown off track by the sometimes unsteady seas of parenting. She offers concrete and practical steps, L.O.V.E., to get back on course when you feel like you’re adrift with your child. I had several ah-ha moments about a challenge when reading the book.”  Don, the Grandfather

“Natasha, you have helped to shape my views on parenting in this dance we do as parents. Thank you for your diligence in staying the course to complete this resource for parents of all stages. You are a treasure and blessing!” SRW, Mom

I love how you write! It makes it so clear.” JS, Mom

You pack a lot into these pages. Helpful!” AB, Dad

“It is rare to find a book that applies from early childhood all the way up through an empty nest, but in reading Natasha Solovieff’s book The Dance of Parenting, I found thoughtful perspective and truths that extend over the years. A bright, positive, useful approach to the hardest job we love the most – with tips and strategies for all those times it is the hardest job we love the least. :)” 
CA, Mom

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