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We get to say ‘OMG parenting’ with many different inflections. I know because I am a parent. Also, I have been looking into the faces of babies, parents, and grandparents for over 20 years in my work as a clinical and public health nurse. I have felt the joys, hopes, disappointments, traumas, grief, fears, concerns, laughter and love of parents and children. I have heard their thoughts and feeling.  I have seen their actions and the effects of those actions. I have interacted with the myriad of professionals who weave in and out of family life. Because of this and being a parent, I have a great appreciation for the range of experience that exists within and between each parent and child.

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Someone mentioned that they thought my child is an introvert. How do I know? CK, mom


Good question! You didn’t say how old your child is so I’ll respond in general. Introversion or extroversion in children shows up during their first year. You’ll notice your introverted child being very observant, ‘talkative’ with you but not as much with others, and they take longer to warm up to others. 

As they move into toddlerhood, you’ll notice the same things. Plus they will stand back when introduced to a group, survey the situation and then enter the group. They will tend to need more recuperation time after being in groups or out and about, often through playing by themselves, sleeping or resting. 

Your introverted child will not be interested in lots of friendships, preferring to have close friendships rather than a bunch of buddies.