Parenting Vows!

Are you experiencing a repeated cycle of  frustration and anger, followed by negative self judgement, then a gnarled stomach, then a cloud over part or all of your day? Toss a little worry in there? NO FUN!

You can actually get off this emotional roller coaster.

Learning about your PARENTING VOWS will eliminate much of this cycle.    

find out what they are and how you got them

learn about how they enhance, YET ALSO, interfere with your positive parenting

understand the secret of  your parenting vows

discover how to have them empower you and your children

Meet parent hackers extraordinaire; Natasha Solovieff, BSN, M.Ed., PHN and Joy Cloutier, BA, BSN, PHN

We’re the coaches of this parenting class, The Secret of Your Parenting Vows.  We’re here to shed some light and love on your parenting vows.  Listen in!



If you said “that’s ME!” to one or more scenarios identified in the video, enroll now in this class, The Secrets to Parenting Vows.

If you’re like most parents, you probably entered parenthood with love and a little bit of anxiety…loving your child and hoping to be the best parent each step along the way.

Over time, you have found that it’s hard sometimes to stay positive.  This is natural.  Sometimes you over react. Or sometimes you just bear it inside yourself.

Then you feel guilty, frustrated and sometimes exhausted by parenting.

You think, “What am I doing wrong?”  Or, you say to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way!”

We help you stay positive with your parenting and your children:

We’ll tell you now to get those love bubbles flowing between you and your son or daughter, even when you are splat in the middle of a parenting challenge.  Yes!

  • something that is at the root of a lot of your guilt,
  • the secret of your wonderfully loving parenting vows,
  • how parenting vows are different than other vows you are familiar with.


  • 24/7 access so you can listen as your schedule permits,
  • 4 segments, each 15 – 30 minutes long,
  • access to us/coaching through a private group.


  • yourself nodding your head ‘yes’ because you relate to what is being said,
  • strategies to move through what you said ‘that’s me’ to,
  • you can energize your hearts desire for a loving home without denying, avoiding, getting washed over, feeling overwhelmed, feeling guilty or…
  • more love bubbles!

YOU’ll SAY :

  • Just understanding this improves things!

Join others who are saying:
I’ve used the campfire strategy several times since listening to this. Thanks! JC
Loved Segment 3 – so helpful -SM
I felt sad I didn’t know about this sooner. Maybe I can do some things differently as a grandparent, though.- BA
Moved me through some things I was feeling really angry about. – KZ
This has changed my reactions with something really important to me and my child. We’re so much more relaxed now! – LA

How many times did you say “that’s me” when listening to the video?



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