Parenting Services

Listening Session:

I believe you can get clarity on the next-steps that lead to resolution of your current parenting discomfort. It’s unknown to you because you’re upset, befuddled, scattered, overstimulated with information, or in unexplored territory. What you need is to be heard – to be listened to. That’s what happens when you schedule time with me. I listen. I ask listening questions. I reflect in a listening way. And you arrive at your next step(s). You also learn some great listening phrases that you can use with your children and big-people loved ones! Along with feeling the great peace of being THAT listened to, you will come to your authentic solutions.

How does it start?

Send me an email identifying what your ‘issue’ is if you can. I recognize that sometimes we don’t quite know. If this is your situation, describe what you are experiencing in your parenting discomfort. After our initial email, I’ll send you some simple pre-questions, an assessment. Send this back to me then we schedule a free half-hour zoom call. Some people say “I’ll never get to the questions!” so we just skip to the next step and do the free half-hour. We’ll cover the questions then.

Your FREE half-hour is to review your situation and desire with it.

What happens after the free half-hour?

If you decide to move into full services, we will then schedule, by phone or zoom, the first full Listening Session and fees per the sliding scale.

Our meetings are about you. The goal is to help you identify what is really bugging you (frequently not the initial thing to which you are responding) and to discover what is next.

Because I weave the L.O.V.V.E. process into our time together, at no additional cost, you will receive my book The Dance of Parenting.-finding your inner choreographer.

There are as many follow up appointments as you want. The goal is no more than four appointments over the span of a year. However, some people feel the need for more follow up.

About what kind of parent challenges can we talk?

I help parents with:
  • Establishing a Postpartum plan that covers 6 areas of life. I send you the questionnaire and we discuss either together or after you have answered the questions.
  • Worry or guilt that is spoiling your day.
  • Setting up a path out of parent exhaustion. We assess for which of 4 areas of exhaustion you might be experiencing and plan out your next-steps to return to your usual self.
  • Wanting to feel more confident about what you are doing with your child.
  • Succeeding at some aspect of parenting that you think would be good but it keeps eluding you. “How did I just do that yet again?” you might be asking.
  • Pretty much anything that is affecting your parenting experience!

Start by​ sending an email to introducing yourself and letting me know what hours work best for you. You can also use this link.

Terms: Billing is on a sliding scale. I have a scholarship fund for fees beyond the $20.00 USD everyone pays. Payments are made through PayPal. Email me!

Testimonials: “I was so confused. I hate being confused when it comes to family stuff. I didn’t know I had this clarity in me! What a relief. A treasure.” Sarah T

“I knew when I hit on what the issue really has been about – I felt so relaxed. And such different solutions came to me! I was nervous doing this but honestly, being mom-heard really is, well, different. Natasha made me feel strong!” Olivia N



Researching Best Options or How to Proceed:

Sometimes you are just too busy or too overwhelmed to explore a question you have about your child’s health, child development, resources or best option for resolving some family dilemma.  We’ll get you started!

The goal of this kind of researching is to explore topics and open options for next steps.

What types of research can we help you explore? 

Our research focus is on reviewing relevant articles and research as well as providers and other resources. We’ll even talk to them to make sure their perspective aligns with what you want. We also include advise on things to consider when speaking to anyone during your follow-up.

We can help you with researching topics around your child’s diagnosis, your questions about specific parenting challenges like a poorly sleeping child or concerns you have about autism. Allergies, learning problems, sports injuries, to home school or not are examples of other topics. You lead with your question and we find helpful information and resources.

Start by​ sending an email using the Contact Me link. Include the topic over which you are trying to gain clarity. We will schedule a phone call to clarify your needs and discuss your timeline and the estimated time required.

Terms: ​ We change $30.00 per hour with the estimated time billed. You pay half upfront and the remainder, if there is any, at the end.