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I am a parent. And, I have been looking into the faces of babies, parents, and grandparents for over 20 years in my work as a clinical and public health nurse. I have felt the joys, hopes, disappointments, traumas, grief, fears, concerns, laughter and love of parents and children. I have heard their thoughts and feeling.  I have seen their actions and the effects of those actions. I have interacted with the myriad of professionals who weave in and out of family life. Because of this and being a parent, I have a great appreciation for the range of experience that exists within and between each parent and child.

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Does my baby need to crawl before walking? 


Crawling helps babies use their eyes together. Plus it activates right brain – left brain communication, needed for multiple life functions including self calming. They can get this through other activities but crawling is considered the most comprehensive. 

The Joy of Raising Boys

The Good, the Bad, and the Hilarious Author – Diane Auten I can’t stop smiling! This is such a delightful read. The Joys of Raising BoysThe Good, the Bad, and the Hilarious Through real-time anecdotes, this book follows Diane’s momlife from when her sons were two – to ten years old. I smiled, chuckled, felt... read more

How do Babies Understand Their World?

Dear Caring Parent,  Ever wonder, of all the things that are so important in the first year of life, what’s tying it all together? Attuning is – how you and your baby are tuning-in to each other. I LOVE watching a mom or dad tune in to their baby; smiling, cooing, smelling their baby scent... read more

4 SMART Communication Strategies When You Have Teens, Even Late Tweens

Dear Caring Parent, These 4 smart communication strategies will come in handy because, as we all know, communicating with your late tween and any-age teen will test your parental communication skills. This has forever rung true to parents. We now know it’s because their dramatic physical and psycho-social development causes moods and perspectives to frequently... read more

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